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WiiR1 [We Are One]
Clear your head from all society imposed beliefs and never imply/associate or assume! Now you have the prerequisite! Read-on.

A couple high school sweethearts, who are exploring life together as one. We don’t adhere to labels as defined by society; married, common in law, boyfriend/girlfriend we are just us. Embarking on journeys in life is our passion. We don’t swing, or have any encounters with people other than friendship. For those who have opinions or specific beliefs such as religion or conservatism in terms of culture, we don’t share your views but are mindful of you nonetheless.

Our Personal WebSites

Our personal websites show “us” in the “now”, you can see our actions, personalities and behaviors; with a time capsule of how we were in the past. Measuring the now in comparison to the past, we discover the rate of evolution in our life.
The personal websites are a representation of our experiences and evolutionary state of being.


The real Kissra

Her Personal WebSite. This is not fantasy!


isydia The-Guy

I'm also known as Zee, see what I'm all about on my personal website.

Our PodCast

Our views on everything. We define PodCast as a central “POD or CONTAINER” with specific information about a single subject. Every PodCast will continue to evolve as new information is discovered. To comment on a PodCast or share new information, use the dedicated X post within the PodCast.


The isydia Kissra Talks PodCast

An alternative perspective on narrative. Unveiling reality outside mainstream.

Free 2 B Me . World

Who we are in the “now” is determined by how we think in the “now”; this is constantly evolving based on experiences. We term our experiences “Observational Logic” that shapes our thinking.


Free 2 B Me

Critical Thinking and discovery

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If and when Kissra decides to have merch, it will be here. At present, she’s gathering feedback on what (if any) to have as merch.


My merch

Work in progress ;)

Virtual Collaboration

If you would like to partner with Kissra to review your products / services and provide market exposure through her social media and live streams, visit her Collab site below.



Promotion and Collab

Our Clubs

Our virtual and discrete member-only club venues that are private and not on public social-platforms.



Kissra's mystic subservients-CLUB

What we do


What Kissra does

Her business website.


What isydia does

His business website.